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Boycott China - End Its Animal Terror!


Target: President Hu Jintao, ALL 165 Chinese Ambassadors worldwide, Beijing Olympic Committee
Brennan Browne (2007)


  • China's dogs & cats are boiled, stabbed, drowned, bludgeoned, strangled, poisoned, hanged, and electrocuted...experiencing unbearable pain as their legs are routinely broken while trussed up and hung in local markets for human consumption, or skinned alive and cast off like garbage, for the despicable fur trade.
  • Dogs [both owned and stray] are relentlessly hunted down by 'police authorized' roving mobs and savagely beaten to death by the hundreds of thousands, in the name of 'rabies' control.
  • Bears, suffer a lifetime of excruciating pain as they are surgically mutilated and milked each day for their gall bile. Their paws taken as delicacies for the Chinese restaurant trade or ground into powdered 'medicines'. The use of bear parts supplying the traditional Chinese medicine trade and exotic meat market is the major reason why bear species are declining around the world. Endangered species of bears are fast becoming extinct.
  • Rhino, both Black & White, are butchered for their horns and are now highly endangered.
  • Over 70-100 million sharks PER YEAR are 'finned' and their carcasses dumped into the sea, to accommodate Chinese' growing taste for shark fin soup.
  • 20 million turtles are devoured in China EACH YEAR. Slaughtered alive & fully conscious; their heads are decapitated and crushed...even after a turtle's head is detached from its body, if not crushed properly, destroying the brain, it can survive up to ONE HOUR in agonizing torment.  Two thirds of the world's turtles are now  threatened with extinction.
  • TONS of elephant tusks are carved into ivory trinkets--their feet hacked off for stools and coffee table legs.
  • Animals are used as 'dried' ingredients in traditional Chinese medicines and killed in the billions--tiger parts, crocodile bile, deer musk, sea horses, lizards, sea cucumbers,  powdered antlers, dog penis, pangolin (scaly anteaters), only to name a few on a seemingly unending list. ALL are considered no more than 'products' to be abused and murdered in the most monstrous ways possible, even if it means permanently wiping many of these species from the face of the planet in order to fulfill often frivolous, antiquated and selfish needs.
  •  China's role in the single, largest mass butchery of marine mammals on Earth, the annual Canadian seal slaughter, [which has taken over 1.25 million innocent lives in the last 3 years, alone], happens in part, so that dried seal penises can be turned into aphrodisiacs to "theoretically" increase the libidos of elderly men engaging in sex with Asian girls as young as 7 years old.
  • Live domestic pets, as well as cows and chickens, are fed to lions and tigers for the "entertainment" of visitors at Chinese zoos. Zoo officials encourage guests to buy domestic animals on the premises, and feed them to the carnivores through special vending flaps fitted onto tourist buses...allowing individuals to throw chickens and other FULLY CONSCIOUS  animals to the waiting predators.


  • A Chinese chef describes how to cook pangolin [endangered scaly anteater] :

"We keep them alive in cages until the customer makes an order. Then we hammer them unconscious, cut their throats and drain the blood. It is a slow death. We then boil them to remove the scales...cut the meat into small pieces and use it to make braised meat and soup. Usually the customers take the blood home with them afterwards."

  • Live monkey brains are considered a delicacy:

A "gourmet" can buy monkeys in the marketplace and send them to inns for cooking. The cooks first stuff the monkeys into tiny cages and force them to drink rice wine until they're intoxicated. They are then pulled from the cage and bound by their limbs (preventing movement.) Their skulls are hacked open with a sharp knife to reveal easily visible, pulsing blood vessels.The white brains are then scooped out and served as soon as possible; eaten when still warm with seasonings. Monkey brains become pungent if they are not fresh...if the skull was opened too long ago. Thus it is best to open the skull and eat at once, while brain cells are LIVING and blood vessels throbbing.

  • It is not unusual in many areas of China, to see live deer in pens or crocodiles in tanks at restaurants. Buying and eating rare animals is a common way of SHOWING OFF. In southern China, rare meat is known as ye wei (wild taste), and people believe eating exotic animals can endow them with bravery, long life or sexual prowess. The Cantonese brag that they will eat ANYTHING that moves!

China's insatiable frenzy for non-human body parts is expanding, consuming, and decimating everything in its wake. This ancient society of 1.3 billion people, many of whom appear to have no compassionate connection toward sentient beings, whatsoever, MUST BE STOPPED! WITHHOLDING $$$ IS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY YOU CAN FORCE POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE! Individuals engaged in animal abuse will NOT be immediately swayed by moral pressure, or legislation. Swift, significant change can ONLY come through economic losses to those who victimize! ALL of China's exports must be targeted for boycott!


A) Get your community involved by asking friends, relatives, co-workers and groups to take the BOYCOTT CHINA PLEDGE! Tell STORE OWNERS /MANAGERS of businesses that stock Chinese products that you will no longer buy them.
B) Compile a list of NON-Chinese items purchased; tally the dollar figure and send [copies of receipts] to your country's Chinese Ambassador with a "Revenue Lost" boycott letter.[This would be a great group, school or community project!]
Chinese Embassies: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/embassy_list.htm
C) Spread the word by posting this petition on websites, blogs and AR mailing lists!

Do it for the protection of our endangered wildlife and for the millions of domestic and companion animals, being tortured and killed as you read this. THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF THOSE VOICELESS SOULS WAITING...PLEADING FOR YOUR HELP TO BE SAVED!

September 28, 2012 UBCM Praised for Stand on Shark Fin Ban

January 9, 2013 Kenyan rangers hunt poachers who killed 11 elephants for ivory; ongoing efforts to combact the illegal & gruesome trade

Endangered & exotic illegal animal trade skyrockets; criminal enterprise

November 22, 2017 Donkeys bludgeoned with sledgehammers, slaughtered and skinned for horror Chinese medicine trade ‘SLOW, AGONISING DEATH’