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Brooklyn judge dismisses $2B lawsuit filed by rabbit hoarder

March 25, 2016 New York Daily News

A rabid rabbit hoarder will be hopping mad — after a Brooklyn judge tossed her bizarre $2 billion lawsuit against the city and animal rights activists.

Brooklyn Judge Lara Genovesi dismissed the lawsuit filed by accused animal abuser Dorota Trec on March 15 after she failed to prove the allegations against the defendants, the Daily News has learned. “I’m grateful that this ridiculous case against me was finally dismissed," said Natalie Reeves, the founder of Big Apple Bunnies, one of the defendants in the dismissed suit.

Trec, who was busted last year for having nearly 200 rabbits as pets in the backyard of a Gowanus tire shop, represented herself for the failed lawsuit. The 36-year-old is awaiting trial for animal cruelty charges after her bunnies, which had been left outside in the cold winter months, were seized by the ASPCA, NYPD and PETA in Jan. 2015. The rabbits were tested and some were diagnosed with syphilis and other diseases.

Trec claimed in the multi-billion dollar lawsuit that the fluffy-tailed furballs were not just pets, but part of a science project in which she was set to “earn millions” for creating a blue and pastel breed of bunnies. “The judge recognized that it had no merit, but it is unfortunate it took a year for her to make that decision,” Reeves said of the dismissal. “What matters is that the rabbits at the heart of this case, get justice.”

After being nursed back to health, the rescued rabbits were put up for adoption. In December, 48 of the bunnies found new homes and 15 others were adopted last month, the ASPCA said.

Trec, who could not be reached for comment, is also representing herself in the criminal case. A judge ordered her in August to pay $68,392.69 in fees to the ASPCA for the cost of caring for 94 of the herd.

“Reeves and other rescue groups are fighting to expose people like Dorota so that people can gain awareness on how important it is to respect all living creatures and our fellow sentient beings,” said Reeves attorney Mahir S. Nisar. “There are many who engage in cruel and horrible abuses against animals such as Trec.” Trec’s criminal trial is scheduled to begin May, 4.

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