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Baby rabbits are often bought on impulse from pet stores, such as Petcetera, and discarded after about six months, when the novelty has worn off and they become tiresome to care for.  Easter is a particularly bad time for bunnies as children often pester their parents for one as a gift. There is a misconception that rabbits are cuddly and make good "starter" pets for kids.  This is quite the contrary.  Rabbits are prey animals and don't like to be picked up.
They are not toys.  They are not novelty items.  They are not disposable.

They are real live beings.  They have feelings.  They require a lifetime commitment.

We have been campaigning for years to have pet stores stop selling rabbits and this year ran several ads in The Province, a daily newspaper published in BC, urging the public not to buy baby bunnies as presents.  Because of ongoing pressure from animal welfare and advocacy groups, as well as concerned individuals, Petcetera has stopped sales in its BC stores only.
Our next move was to expand our campaign, once again raising awareness as to the plight of rabbits, and requesting that Petcetera stop sales in Alberta as well.  As part of that effort we ran a new ad in the Calgary Herald.  Since then we've created an online petition and letter directed to Mr. Urbani, President & CEO of Petcetera, appealing to him to do what is right - stop selling rabbits in all his stores Canada-wide. Petition & Letter  Overview

We want sales of rabbits in pet stores ended altogether and in light of recent publicity surrounding the multiplying rabbits in the Valley Ridge community of Calgary, decided to run another ad in the Calgary Herald.  We also contacted both the BC SPCA and Petcetera as to why breeder rabbits were still being sold in Petcetera stores outside the Lower Mainland after September 1st, when it was agreed to stop sales by that date. 

Please take action and be a voice for rabbits in your community.  Do not support Petcetera or stores like this that sell live animals. You, the consumer, have the power to make a difference.  If the bottom line is affected, sales will stop and lives will be saved.

Opt to adopt.  Rescue groups, shelters, pounds, humane societies---sadly, homeless rabbits are everywhere.  Please make your decision carefully, though.  Rabbits aren't for everyone, and as a long-time advocate said, "I now know absolutely that bunnies don't want to be pets."

Thanks to T.L. Roberge Trucking Ltd. for supporting the work of Pets In Need Society, Pacific Animal Foundation, & the Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC.  

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