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Campaign 2016: Animals Are Not Freight 

Compassion In World Farming  

The Animals Are Not Freight international day of action against live animal transportation is coming together. Already, 27 groups in 20 countries have indicated they will take part and we would love you to be part of it, too.

The date is Monday August 29th - the 20th anniversary of the biggest live export disaster when more than 67,000 sheep died as the ship carrying them burned. This day is a chance for us all to come together and speak with one voice, while adapting the precise message for the decision-makers, media and public in our own regions and countries.

To be effective, we need groups of all sizes around the world taking action. Big or small, no matter what action or event you can plan, all are welcome, and all will help shine a light on the inhumanity of long distance transport.

Different groups are organising different events, from marches and rallies, to online actions, to media stunts. But you might also consider a candlelit vigil, a remembrance service for the animals, a demonstration outside your government’s offices, billboards, adverts, launching a national petition, abseiling down a building dressed as a cow! Whatever you can do to support this day of action would be wonderful.

I have attached the logos that all participating groups can use. I hope you like them.

The Animals Are Not Freight website - which is on its way - will allow groups to upload any event they organise, and individuals to download social media images, placards and other resources, all with the Animals Are Not Freight logo. It will feature your event(s) and your logo should you take part.

Canadians Against Live Export (CALE) is planning on joining this action.