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Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals March – April 2014 Newsletter

MEMBER PROFILE: Rabbit Rescue and  Rabbit Advocacy

It’s that time of year again — the time when “cute bunny rabbits” will be adopted or given as Easter gifts, often ending up neglected or abandoned when Easter is over and people realize a rabbit is a serious 10-year commitment. This is just one of the issues that Rabbit Advocacy and Rabbit Rescue, both supporters of CCFA, address through education, fundraising, and adoption support for rabbits as well as other small companion animals.
Rabbit Rescue, based in Milton, Ontario, was established after founder Haviva Porter-Lush adopted a rabbit and became aware of the lack of resources for rabbits — despite the fact they’re the third-most abandoned animal after dogs and cats. Over the years, Rabbit Rescue has found homes for thousands of rabbits, relying heavily on a network of dedicated volunteers
who foster the animals; Rabbit Rescue does not have a physical shelter, and operates under a no-kill policy. The organization also advocates on behalf of rabbits raised for food and fur, raising awareness of issues such as angora rabbit farming.
B.C.-based Rabbit Advocacy is an all-volunteer group whose efforts centre around rabbit exploitation in the pet industry. The group undertakes rescue work, education and fundraising, and runs regular advocacy campaigns on topics ranging from the risks of extreme weather to “Easter and bunnies don’t mix”. The organization also provides information and resources on related issues such as
animal law and factory farming.
To learn more about their mandates — or to support their work — visit
Rabbit Rescue and Rabbit Advocacy

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