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Canadian Lambs to Slaughter: Killings Too Cruel for Australia but A-OK for Canada?

December 2, 2013 By Twyla Francois mfablog.ca

Last month, for the first time in Singapore, 500 Canadian lambs were killed in the annual korban ritual during Hari Raya Haji celebrations. The ritual killing takes place at mosques and religious schools and has been increasingly criticized due to animal welfare concerns. The animals slaughtered are primarily goats and sheep who are killed by having their throats cut while fully conscious. Traditionally, untrained members of the public in numbers of up to 120 carry out the killing, sawing through the necks of terror-stricken, suffering animals.

In 2012, all of the animals killed in Singapore during the event were imported from Australia. Following international outrage after the conditions of the killing were exposed, the Australian government imposed new regulations on foreign livestock exporters. The new rules require more space for each animal in the holding pens, allow only trained personnel to carry out the slaughter, and require that the knife used be twice the length of the animal's neck.

The 16 mosques in Singapore where korban took place in October of 2013 were audited in April and July by the Australian government, which approved the export of 2,000 sheep, but only at the last minute. Identifying a need for a more reliable supply chain, the Singapore Mosques Korban Committee (JKMS)--the body that organizes the event--explored Canada as an additional source of sacrificial animals. The Canadian federal government happily obliged and 500 lambs were shipped "to test the new supply chain." According to a media statement by the JKMS, "Korban using Canadian lambs are not subjected to ESCAS audit" (i.e., the new Australian regulations).

New Zealand has already banned the live export of animals for slaughter, and Australia appears well on its way to doing the same. Our federal government's ever-increasing quest for greater profit through expanded export agreements has become a race to the bottom for the welfare of Canada's farmed animals.

You can help prevent the merciless slaughter of animals--ceremonious or unceremonious--by transitioning to a plant-based diet. To learn how, go to ChooseVeg.ca.

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