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Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law  

February 2015 Irwin Law, Edited by Vaughan Black, Peter Sankoff  and Katie Sykes 

Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law provides an important new contribution to the debate on the legal status and treatment of animals in Canada. Twelve chapters by leading academics and practising lawyers address a range of doctrinal and conceptual questions, situating legal analysis in the broader context of ethical and philosophical debate about justice in human-animal relationships. Topics addressed include the Ikea monkey case, key shortcomings in Canada’s animal cruelty law, the relationship between animal rights and the rights of Canada’s indigenous peoples, and the emergence of animal protection in international law. This volume should be invaluable for scholars, practitioners and students eager to explore these matters in greater depth, and an excellent resource for law school courses on animals and the law.  

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Weak update to cruelty bill wins Canadian MPs approval, Alberta bill postponed; Criminal Code updates stymied; Ontario dog abuser ordered to submit DNA sample; 2018 gov't inaction on animal cruelty laws

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