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Candidates asked about rabbit kill

Kelowna Daily Courier
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are the wild rabbits lovable bunnies that deserve protection or invasive pests that must be killed?

City council earlier this year awarded a controversial contract to a Vancouver firm to deal with the rabbit problem. After being caught, some of the rabbits are given to animal protection groups, but most are being killed.

Council candidates were asked if they support the ongoing program to kill the rabbits.

John T. Manton: Yes. The city made the decision. Now let‘s get on with it.

Mark Thompson: I think the rabbit issue is ridiculous. They‘re pests and they need to be dealt with.

Kevin Craig: I favour the relocation of the rabbits, but I understand it is not cost-effective to relocate every single rabbit. The cull should be done as humanely as possible.

Charlie Hodge: No. I think a better way could be found to handle the problem. If we had a wildlife centre, that could be part of a solution.

Janice Henry: I think we need to be looking at alternative ways. I had two bunnies myself, so I have serious reservations about the cull.

Mary-Ann Graham: I‘d rather there not be a cull, but the issue has to be taken care of. I support the cull, so long it‘s done in a humane way.

Michele Rule: No. At council, I voted against it.

John Zeger: No. I would look for a more humane approach.

Shelley Nicholl: I think there should be another look at how to handle this. Some of the things that have been going on are not acceptable.

Dorothee Birker: I was shocked when I heard about some of the methods used. Something more humane should be used.

Brian Given: I‘d prefer it if we didn‘t have to kill rabbits, but we do have to deal with this problem and some culling is necessary.

John Marshall: There should be a period of 60-90 days when organizations can work to collect and spay as many rabbits as they can, but after that, resume the city program.

Robert Hobson: We should be making every effort to trap rabbits, not shoot them.

Luke Stack: We should try to save as many rabbits as possible, but we‘ll have to cull the rest.

Lisa Simone: No. It‘s a no-win situation. But killing the bunnies the way they‘re doing it is inhumane.

Gunnar Forsstrom: No. I think TRACS should have handled the situation.

Andre Blanleil: I supported the awarding of the contract, which also calls for the use of trapping and relocation of as many rabbits as possible.

Mo Rajabally: I‘m against it.

Graeme James: I think the city is going in the right direction, so long as the cull is done humanely.

Angela Reid: No. I believe there are better ways to manage the problem.

Perry Mack: No. There must be a more humane and acceptable way to take care of the rabbits.

H. Donald Forbes: No. I think there must be better ways to deal with the situation than just physically culling the animals.

Cody Lanoue: Yes, I do. I think the problem needs to be taken care of.

Gretchen Gebhard: I‘m a real animal person, but having said that, they have become a real problem. I think it was a tough decision, but the right one by the city.

Joe Gates: We do need to deal with invasive species to protect our agriculture, but I‘d also support any group that wants to round up the bunnies and relocate them.

Scott Yule: Yes, I do. Any animal, no matter how cute it is, if it‘s a pest, it should be gotten rid of. Or they could be used as food for the homeless.

Jerry Hlady: We haven‘t found the proper solution yet. Maybe we could have a catch-and-release program, with the rabbits let loose into the wilderness or a national park.

Toby Pike: Yes. I don‘t say that easily, but the rabbit problem has really gotten out of control.

Murli Pendharkar: Yes. I support elimination of the rabbits, but it should be done as humanely as possible.

Andrew Powell: I do believe we need a cull. Australia has an epidemic because they didn‘t do anything about their rabbits. They are a nuisance and need to be dealt with as humanely as possible.

Crystal Wariach: No. The feral rabbits are definitely an issue, but it‘s outrageous the way the situation is being handled. Surely something more civil could be done.

J.C. Rathwell: No. The rabbits are definitely a problem, but I like the idea of a catch-and-release program. They could be set free in the forests toward Big White.

Jason Rock: No. I believe they should be relocated.

Bill Vaughn: Yes, unfortunately. The rabbits have gotten out of hand.

Matthew Reed: Yes. I‘m in support of the removal of all invasive species.

Cheryl Stone: No. I don‘t like killing the rabbits.

Perry Mack‘s answer regarding a ward system was inadvertently omitted from Wednesday‘s paper.

Mack: No. I live in the Mission, my wife and I work in Rutland, have friends in Glenmore and friends and clients downtown. I want to represent and work for everyone.