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Dog By Dog Documentary 

May 2015: Dog By Dog Documentary

Dog by Dog is a documentary that aims to wake up the American public to the horrible realities of puppy mills by following the money trail across the United States and confronting those that have maintained this corrupt and irresponsible system. While many documentaries have admirably exposed the public to the sickening underworld of puppy mills, what has been missing from the public discussion is a close examination of the umbrella of monetary support which has sentenced millions of healthy dogs to death and allowed the most irresponsible dog breeders to thrive. Many people try to save these animals one by one, or dog by dog. This documentary aims to point out the problems of the current system in order to move toward a kinder and gentler one.

5414 Productions, Inc.

Comment: While this film focuses on the US, it’s a common system to many countries around the world. The specific agencies involved may differ, but the status quo of commercially driven suffering they keep in place is the same in Canada, the UK, Australia and elsewhere. According to this film: “After conducting extensive research over many years, we came to realize that in many cases it is massive, publicly-traded corporate farming companies that are protecting puppy mills and blocking any attempts to pass humane legislation that would regulate these large scale breeding facilities.”

The farming industry and its powerful lobbyists have a vested stake in keeping animal protection laws weak and are desperate to maintain the status quo and hold on their power.

Times are changing, though. Animal rights, and the recognition of animals as sentient beings, has become an important social, legal, and moral one.

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