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This is the perfect Easter bunny                              This is a 10-year commitment


Easter Rabbits & the Impulse Buy

The association of rabbits and Easter is a familiar one.  However, the sad reality is that many of the baby bunnies bought annually as Easter gifts end up unwanted within weeks or months after the initial excitement and novelty has worn off.

What happens then?

The majority will be abandoned outdoors where they will meet an untimely and sometimes cruel death.  Others will be brought to the pound where they will probably be killed because there aren’t enough homes.  A few of the lucky ones will be rescued and given a second chance.  

Rabbits are social and intelligent creatures and can live up to 12 years.  They require specialized care – they are not low-maintenance ‘starter pets’ for children.

This year choose a plush toy or a dairy-free chocolate bunny instead.  You can help make a difference by supporting our efforts and the Make Mine Chocolate campaign by spreading the word that rabbits are lifetime commitments and not disposable pets. 

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The Perfect Easter Bunny

A plush toy

She doesn’t need daily attention, care, and exercise.

Doesn’t need to be spayed or neutered.

Doesn’t need hay or fresh greens.

And, a toy rabbit won’t rely on you for the next ten years or more like a real one.

Live rabbits are often bought as Easter gifts and sadly many end up neglected, unwanted, or abandoned once the novelty has worn off.

Live rabbits are real responsibilities, not Easter toys.

This is part of our classroom education program. (2011)

PSA Easter Campaign

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