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Wal-Mart pulls slippers after animal-rights group complains

Monday, January 05, 2009 Bradley Bouzane, Canwest News Service

The Animal Defence League of Canada is celebrating a "major victory" after Wal-Mart Canada agreed to pull a type of Chinese-made slippers that contained real rabbit fur from its shelves.

The retail giant pulled the Tender Tootsies slippers, which advertised "all man-made materials," on Monday morning after a member of Vancouver's Animal Defence League discovered the products were incorrectly labelled and contained real fur. Wal-Mart has a no-fur policy at all of its stores.

"They have been pulled from the shelves, and what we were told is that if there's any still on the shelves, their UPC code won't go through at the till while they're in the process of taking them out of their stores," said Marley Daviduk, a spokeswoman for the Vancouver branch of the national organization.

"Wal-Mart was extremely compliant and right away said that they do not sell fur, so right away I knew it was another case of Chinese suppliers being dishonest with companies and giving them real fur when they think it's fake."

Daviduk found the slippers while shopping last week and the Ottawa and Vancouver branches of the Animal Defence League immediately contacted both Wal-Mart Canada and the product's London, Ont.-based importer.

"I knew right away it was real rabbit fur, but it said on the tag that there were no man-made materials," she said. "In Canada, there are no laws regarding labelling, so items don't have to say which animal it is, let alone say that it's real. But you can't mislabel them, legally."

Calls to Wal-Mart Canada and Tender Tootsies Ltd. were not immediately returned Monday afternoon.

Comment: 1/09/09  Undercover investigations have revealed extreme animal cruelty on Chinese fur farms.  There are no animal welfare laws in China and rabbits, raccoon dogs, and other fur-bearing creatures raised to support this industry have been filmed while still alive, struggling desperately to free themselves before being SKINNED ALIVE.  Last year at this time, Costco did a Canada-wide recall of winter jackets made in China that had dog fur trim on them.    

SHUT DOWN SNOWFLAKE FURS. Start by Boycotting all Fairmont Hotels.

Care2 Petition, January 2, 2009 Target: 5,000 
Sponsored by: Concerned Vancouverites who want Vancouver a FUR FREE ZONE

We the undersigned, pledge to boycott ALL Fairmont Hotels as long as Snowflake Furs is doing business out of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, and we also pledge to tell everyone we know to do the same. 

We the undersigned, want Vancouver to be the World's first City that is a FUR FREE ZONE.

Comment: A number of protests have been held outside the Hotel Vancouver in 2008, drawing attention to the cruelty of the fur industry, and giving Snowflake unwanted publicity. Activists are keeping up the pressure in 2009.

September 30, 2010 Victory! We had been hearing rumours several months ago that Snowflake’s lease would not be renewed at Fairmont’s Hotel Vancouver. Today the company is moving out! Over the past several years activists have handed out countless leaflets exposing the cruelties of this blood industry, making this a successful campaign. 


Carmina Gooch, RAG BC contacted Mark’s Work Wearhouse on December 18, 2008 regarding rabbit fur trim hats in Lower Mainland stores.  We received a form letter response via e-mail.  It’s vital that we keep the momentum going, so whatever action you choose to take, it will make a difference.

It was with great dismay that we came across hats made with rabbit fur in your North Vancouver stores.  Upon speaking with a store manager, it was recommended that we contact you with our concerns. The hats we looked at were made in China, a country with no animal welfare laws, and one where unspeakable cruelty and suffering is perpetrated upon the innocent victims who are exploited for the fur industry.  

Raised in tiny, cramped, and filthy cages, these creatures meet a cruel and inhumane death by such methods as electrocution, poison, having their necks broken, or being slammed against walls or the ground.  Whatever the form, it's barbaric, and has no place in any society. 

We strongly urge you to stop selling merchandise made from rabbit fur or any other animal fur.  You can view an undercover video of rabbits screaming during slaughter at: http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/armani_fur_investigation?c=weekly_enews 

Visit our website at www.rabbitadvocacy.com to learn more about the plight of rabbits and our efforts to stop the cruelty inherent in the use of these living, feeling beings. 

We look forward to hearing that your company take a stand, and make the ethical decision to stop selling fur.

Communiqué from the Unnamed Activists

Date: January 12, 2009
To: Animal Liberation Front Press Office

Institution Targeted: Winner's Shops

Received anonymously

This is a message to ALL Canadians who do not support animal cruelty, we have a confession AND a challenge for you.

$25 000 worth of cheap winter jackets with REAL fur trim on them have been sabotaged at Winner's locations all across Canada.  Winners sells jackets with real rabbit, fox, mink, and DOG fur all sourced from animals raised on hellish fur farms in China. These jackets with real fur are mixed in among jackets with FAUX fur, they are poorly labelled and some of them are not labelled at all, making it extremely difficult for shoppers to recognize.  The majority of their customers have no idea they are buying real fur from tortured animals at all.

There is footage available on the internet of rabbits and raccoon dogs being killed on Chinese fur farms and it shows that the animals remained conscious while they were being skinned, screaming and writhing in pain as their skin is being cut off them, one animal was even filmed trying to bite a Chinese fur farmer as he finished skinning her and some of the animals were still alive long after their skin was removed and they were thrown in the dead pile. 

Winners has been contacted many times by concerned Canadians and their answer to this concern and complaints was 'As long as it is in style we will continue to sell it.'

The jackets were destroyed with razor blades, car keys, glue and chewing gum. We would like to challenge all other compassionate people to do the same, target ALL Winners locations across Canada in an effort to show the powers that be: WE DEMAND YOU GO FUR FREE NOW AND WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE.  WE ENCOURAGE ALL ACTS OF NON VIOLENT ECONOMIC SABOTAGE AGAINST WINNERS AND THEIR OTHER COMPANY HOME SENSE.

As long as animals are being skinned alive and sold for profit inside Winners, we challenge all who care, to commit economic sabotage against these blood thirsty monsters until they agree to pull all fur from the store. 


Comment:  Direct action is part of moving toward the goal of animal liberation.  It's changing the mindset, and with animal liberation comes people liberation.  If there's no justice, there will be no peace.

"We have to organize and become involved in well coordinated action which will involve any means necessary to bring about complete elimination of the conditions that exist ...... It takes action to get action." - Malcolm X


To: letters@usmagazine.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 2:09 PM
Subject: Animals Suffer & Die for MK

Dear Editor, 

Thank you for bringing attention to Mary-Kate Olsen's horrendous fur wardrobe.  Whether it's a handbag, fur trim, or an entire garment, animals suffer and die because of cold-hearted and selfish people like her.  All creatures deserve kindness and respect, and the right to live without the abuses and cruelty humans inflict upon them.  

Surely MK knows that, and if not she may wish to go to www.furisdead.com (no longer active) or any of the numerous sites where she can see and read first-hand the nightmares inflicted on the innocents.  Fur is NOT fashion. 

Working on behalf of rabbits & all animals, 

Carmina Gooch, President
Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC

Comment:  It's imperative to take action on behalf of our animal friends.  It takes only a few moments to respond to an article, and it's the collective voice of us all that is challenging and transforming the way we treat other living beings. BE A CHAMPION FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS, NOW!

September, 2009 There is currently a campaign going asking Bosley's pet stores to stop selling rabbit fur trinkets and toys.  Rabbit Advocacy has written head office asking that it take a compassionate and ethical stance against animal cruelty by ending the sale of rabbit fur items.  There's nothing ethical about Ethical Products Inc., based in New Jersey, and the supplier of these items from China.  Don't be misled!  Don't buy anything fur or "faux."  There are no animal protection laws in China and numerous undercover investigations reveal rampant and horrifying abuses of not only rabbits, but of all living creatures. 

October 9, 2009  Please add your voice and help stop the cruel exploitation of the innocent victims of the fur trade.


Sponsored by: Rabbit Advocacy, Vancouver Animal Defense, Fur Free
Province Wide Boycott of all Bosley's Stores.

Bosley's sells REAL dead rabbit, cat and dog fur on their toys for your pets and they refuse to stop their insane and unethical business practices. They refuse to send these products back to China. We do not want our pets playing with dead animal parts. We do not want any products from animals that have been tortured for their FUR.

WE ARE NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS IN BC.  STOP SHOPPING AT ALL BOSLEY's.  Bring your business elsewhere until they remove all these products made of real animal fur. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/boycott-bosleys-pet-stores (petition closed)

Comment: The BC SPCA recently announced it is partnering with Bosley's to open satellite adoption sites in Bosley's stores.  Animals from the SPCA will be available for adoption from the 17 stores.  The BC SPCA recently severed its controversial business relationship with Petcetera, a chain that sells live animals and fur items.  Now this.  The SPCA also serves meat and other animal products at its fundraisers.
October 19, 2009  Rabbit Advocacy and others who contacted Bosley's on this important issue have received the good news that they have chosen to discontinue the sale of all rabbit fur cat toys in all retail locations!  Thank you, everyone.

October 13, 2009  Carmina Gooch, Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC wrote to B2/Browns and Mackage.   This is one of many letters in our ongoing campaign to shut down the shameful and vile fur industry. 


We were recently informed that B2/Browns is carrying clothing made with fur from China.  In this day and age, there is no excuse to design, use, or wear anything made with fur, regardless of the species.  It is synonymous with horrendous cruelty and suffering to millions of animals.  

There have been numerous undercover investigations of Chinese fur "farms," depicting unspeakable torture with animals like raccoon dogs being skinned alive and rabbits screaming during slaughter. The innocent animal victims exploited for the barbaric fur trade exist day after day in tiny, filthy cages, crammed together, suffering and exposed to tremendous heat or unbearable cold, denied even their basic needs. They are mercilessly slaughtered in the most savage manner imaginable, by methods such as having their heads bashed in, throat slitting, stomping, poisoning, or electrocution.  Those trapped or hunted "from the wild" suffer and die equally. 


Animals Used for Fur 

Despite jackets being labelled "Asiatic Raccoon" you should know there is no such animal and that there are no animal protection laws in China.  It is widely known that merchandise/fur from China is inaccurately labelled, misleading, and/or deceptive, despite the claims of "reputable" and “independent” manufacturers, suppliers or "testing agencies."  The bottom line is that fur is imported from China because it's cheap.  So is life. There are no labelling regulations in Canada regarding the import of fur or fur-trim clothing or products. It is not required that the type of fur, its origin, or even whether it's real or not be disclosed. 

Consumers want to shop with confidence and are rejecting "fashion" cruelty, with boycotts becoming more widespread among people of all ages.  Whether it's dog, cat, rabbit, fox, mink or any other living creature, no fur is worth the price. The outlook for businesses that don't to respond to public concerns regarding animal welfare issues is bleak. 

I strongly urge you to follow other ethical and responsible individuals and retailers and adopt a permanent animal-friendly, fur-free policy today.   

Thank you,

November 2009 Loopholes in the Textile Labelling Act need to be closed now.  Canada’s Competition Bureau is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Act, but it’s not of any use when it comes to fur.  We need accountability!  Please sign the petition asking that all fur and fur-related products imported into Canada be accurately labelled.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/canada-consumers-want-fur-trim-labeled-now    

The ‘Truth in Fur Labeling Act’ of 2009, S.3610, introduced in the U.S. Senate in 2008, was read twice on May 19, 2009 and has been referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transport.  The ‘Dog and Cat Fur Prohibition Enforcement Act,’ H.R. 2480, requiring accurate labelling of all fur-trimmed garments, is currently before the House of Representatives.

December 10, 2010 The Truth in Fur Labeling Act (H.R. 2480) was unanimously passed by the U.S. senate and is on its way to President Obama for signature. This will guarantee all fur products, regardless of cost, will be accurately labeled with the species of animal used, the manufacturer, the country of origin, and other information. The $150 threshold that exists for a product to require a label sees many items mislabeled as faux fur, raccoon or coyote when they are actually domestic dog, cat, wolf or raccoon dog.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in every eight garments falls into this category. The new law will eliminate this loophole and protect animals and consumers alike.

November 17, 2009  Grouse Mountain, in North Vancouver, is selling fur trim apparel in one of their gift shops.  Longer coats are priced at $829.99.  From one of the labels: Shell: 100% polyamide, Lining: 100% polyester, Hood Lining: Polymide, (sic) Fill: 90% Down & 10% Feathers.  Made in China.  No mention of the fur trim!   Please contact the departments of Grouse Mountain and express your thoughts on this atrocious matter.  Darin Riedel is the buyer and manager of retail sales.  Spread the word and help abolish the sickening fur trade.  Remember, it's Fur-Free Friday, November 27th.  

Part of Carmina Gooch's letter, RAG BC (if you’d like to phone, the no. is 604-984-0661or 604-998-4255)  

There's absolutely no excuse for fur.  It's not fashionable; it's cruelty.  Many designers and companies, as well as the general public, are boycotting this torturous and barbaric industry.  We ask that you make the ethical and wise business decision to go permanently fur-free and commit to selling only "socially responsible fabrics."

November 25, 2009 There has been a response from William Mbaho, of Grouse Mountain, regarding concerns.  Some people did not receive the last sentence in the reply. 

We have reviewed all our apparel inventory and contacted the two suppliers concerned to confirm we are pursuing environmentally and socially responsible practices. 

Once our review is complete we will share with you our findings. In the meantime, if you have information which indicates these suppliers are in contravention of the International Fur Federation Agreement of 1997, we will be pleased to receive the information. 

Please respond to this response.  Carmina Gooch, RAG BC wrote, in part: 

The International Fur Federation Agreement of 1997, which you reference, provides misleading and inaccurate information by the Fur Institute of Canada and the Fur Council of Canada.  Additionally, it has nothing to do with the fur entering Canada.  

Despite claims of your suppliers, I'm sure you are well aware of the lack of transparency in the Chinese government regarding any matter.  A country where human rights aren't even recognized, and where people's pets are rounded up and massacred for the fur industry, is not a country that would be sharing with your suppliers the reality of what they are purchasing. To "confirm" that Grouse is "pursuing environmentally and socially responsible practices" via word of your supplier, is something that is unrealistic and cannot be substantiated. 

Therefore, we kindly ask again that you make the commitment to go permanently fur-free.  We look forward to the findings of your "review," but in the meantime will be boycotting Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd., and urging others to do the same.  

Note: Others have mentioned that selling fur is "socially irresponsible," that it leaves visitors to the mountain with a "very unfriendly experience," and that they will not be back until it is "permanently eliminated." 

January 7, 2014 Grouse Mountain opts not to re-stock real fur jackets, animal rights activists take credit

Comment: A small group of us has also been demonstrating on the Langley Bypass outside of Danier Leather. Great to see so much support from drivers.

May 11, 2015 Canada exports more furry animals than automobiles to China.

In 2014 Canada recorded $160.7 million in exports of “fur-bearing animal and rabbit production” to China, one of the fastest growing countries in the world, compared to $158.5 million worth in “automobile and light-duty motor vehicle manufacturing.” We’re not knocking rabbit farmers, but one industry employs 117,000 people, the other, not so much.

Full article http://www.macleans.ca/economy/economicanalysis/5-depressing-facts-about-canadas-exports/

November 12, 2015 Canada’s Textile Labelling Act is hopelessly outdated. The outgoing Conservative Party and PM Stephen Harper repeatedly ignored private members’ bills, petitions, letters from the public, and media outcry over such an antiquated Act. With a new Liberal government sweeping into power, we are hopeful new legislation is forthcoming. Legislation that will require the labelling of any and ALL fur, the identity of the species and the country of origin.

Read more: Canadian Fur Stats (2009 wild animals/2010 fur farms)

December 14, 2016 After learning from PETA that animals are electrocuted, bludgeoned, and skinned alive for their fur, Canadian Tire and its corporate-owned subsidiaries agreed to go fur-free—a commitment that includes Mark’s, Sport Chek, National Sports, and Pro Hockey Life. Together, these brands boast nearly 1,100 locations in Canada.

Great news! Help create a fur-free Canada by asking that Simons halt fur and angora sales