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Greater Victoria bunnies go deep in the heart of Texas

September 10, 2016 Times Colonist

Another group of abandoned Greater Victoria rabbits has found a new home near San Antonio, Texas. Volunteers report that 67 rabbits, rescued from the median at Helmcken Road interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway have been successfully transported to the Retired Rabbits Sanctuary, just outside San Antonio.

This is the second group of rabbits from the median to be trapped, spayed and neutered and then transported to the sanctuary. Forty-two rabbits were relocated in April. The rabbits were transported by road to Bellingham, Washington, with a veterinarian.

There, the rescue team met a plane operated by Wings of Rescue. The plane delivered the rabbits to San Antonio, where the Retired Rabbit Sanctuary picked them up.

The rabbits, mostly abandoned pets and their offspring, were becoming a such a distraction to drivers and causing damage to the land at the Helmcken interchange that the Ministry of Transportation announced last month plans to post signs and install a camera to discourage the practice. Each group of rabbits is said to cost the volunteers about $10,000 to transport to the sanctuary.

Local fundraising efforts continue as the group is still short on funding to pay the full cost of the rescue. Additional funds raised locally will be given to the sanctuary, which is a registered nonprofit organization.

Comment: The rabbits arrived safely at Retired Rabbit Sanctuary, after being driven down to Bellingham, WA, to catch their flight. Thanks to all the volunteers.

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