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Investigate pet store accused of selling sick animals (please sign petition!)

July 27, 2015 A pet store in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania has been under scrutiny after a former employee wrote on social media that the pet store neglects the animals in their care. The post went viral and the public got a glimpse of what supposedly went on inside the store. No formal investigation has been conducted in this alleged animal abuse case.

In the social media post, the former employee wrote that she quit her job because she had enough of seeing the owner of Robinson Petland repeatedly reject veterinarian care for their sick puppies, which led to them having to be euthanized or sold to a puppy mill. JoAnn Williams, the store manager is aware of the social media post from her former employee but ensures that the whole story is false.

The manager of Robinson Petland allowed news reporters to enter for a tour of the pet store to prove that the animals were being treated humanely, but the public is still skeptical because the workers of the store set up the time for the tour. A number of past customers who saw the taping of the tour on the news called the news station to tell them that they have purchased sick puppies from the pet store. It was later discovered that Petland was the subject of a federal class action lawsuit concerning puppy mills in 2009, but that case was later dismissed.


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