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Please take time to think about what would happen to your beloved rabbits if you should become incapacitated or pass away unexpectedly.  You would want to make sure that s(he) is protected and well cared for and not homeless. Discuss your wishes with next of kin and leave specific written instructions for the future care of your pets.  Set aside funds for costs such as food, veterinary expenses, and other incidentals.  Including them in your will/estate plan will not only make it official but will offer you peace of mind.  One canít assume that family or friends will step in and automatically provide for them.  Many end up at the pound, confused and lonely, and then destroyed.  Sadly, this scenario is all too common, but preventable.  Donít leave your Mopsyís future to chance.



Information for your caregiver/s:                                            Date: _________












Age:                           Male/Female:

 Tel:                               Cell:

Vet Records at:




Phone No.



My rabbit is fed:    Once a day ______ Twice a day ________  Approx. time/s ______

Food my rabbit likes:   Pellets _____ Hay _____ Fruit _____ Vegetables _____

Food Allergies: _________________     

My rabbit is:     Indoor only_____________ Can go outdoors if supervised_________        

Personality/Habits:  ______________________________

Photo:  yes/no        My rabbitís living area: _________________________   

Any special medical problems: __________________

My next of kin is:________________________________          Phone No. __________    

My Lawyer is: __________________________________          Phone No. __________


NAME AND SIGNATURE OF PET GUARDIAN ________________________________

Information provided by: Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC www.rabbitadvocacy.com