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Connecticut pet shop has 2-nosed bunny

April 1, 2009 The Associated Press

MILFORD, Conn.—It's no April Fools joke. The baby bunny really does have two noses. A Connecticut pet shop worker found the nosey bunny in a delivery of 6-week-old dwarf rabbits that arrived at the Milford store last week. Both noses have two nostrils. The owner of the Purr-Fect Pets shop says he's never seen anything like it in 25 years in the business. He says the bunny eats, drinks and hops around like the rest of the litter.

Beardsley Zoo director Gregg Dancho says the deformity could be the result of too much inbreeding or the parents' exposure to pesticides or poisons.

Comment: The rabbits were produced, of course, by a rabbit mill that supplies "pet" stores with live creatures whom humans will purchase without having any idea of the conditions they were produced under. Or what happened to their mother. Deformities in animals who are mass-produced is nothing new.  There have been two-faced kittens and two-faced calves.  It seems that humans will stop at nothing in the disgraceful use and capitalization of all other creatures.

Baby bunnies are exploited every Easter, and without fail, parents are still buying them as “gifts” for children.  Even thoughtless businesses give them away as “prizes.” The Enzian Inn, Leavenworth, WA is holding its annual draw again this year, despite requests by us to end this “tradition.” It's 2015 and we're sad to report that the Enzian has not moved forward with the changing times. Until the public refuses to participate and is vocal in its opposition, this annual event is bound to continue.

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