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Petcetera reopening some stores

July 27, 2009  In The Matter of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and In The Matter of The Receivership of Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership and Canadian Petcetera Warehouse Incorporated the Receiver Manager's First Report to Court isn't good. 

The Receiver determined that 853571 BC Ltd ("853"), a company managed by Dan Urbani, the principal Petcetera, was the most attractive offer and entered into further negotiations.  

From page 26, 1.2 (c) of the agreement: all intellectual property rights in Canada to the names "Petcetera", "Tuggers" and "Fortum". 

From Section 5.9.2 of the agreement: 853 wishes to "purchase" a minimum of 18 stores selected from a list of 25 stores. 

From Section 5.9.4 853 will take occupation of the desired store locations once the receiver manager vacates the store after it has completed the liquidation inventory. 

The Chilliwack store is reopening on September 1st under "New Management."  The BC SPCA has not entered into a business relationship with the "New Petcetera." We can all choose to make the ethical and responsible decision to shop elsewhere and to not support businesses like Petcetera whose sole motive is to make $$$ off animals.  JOIN US IN THE BOYCOTT AND BE A VOICE FOR THE ANIMALS! 

Purchase of Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership

On August 21, 2009, Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership was purchased by New Petcetera Retail Limited. The New Petcetera is in the process of implementing a new store opening strategy across Canada.  The Grand Opening is scheduled for September 26th, 2009.

Nineteen stores will open across Canada, 9 of them in B.C., 5 of which are in the Lower Mainland.  Head Office will remain in Richmond. There will be an increased selection of live animals for sale.  Live beings treated as nothing more than "merchandise."  Do not support such an archaic industry so rife with suffering.

Petcetera to reopen 20 stores across Canada

By Staff, Vancouver Sun September 1, 2009

Petcetera founder Dan Urbani has announced the opening of 20 stores across Canada he says he has purchased from Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership, the company he founded in 1997 and which filed for bankruptcy in June.

The company closed its 45 stores across the country, putting about 1,500 employees out of work.

In a news release Tuesday, New Petcetera Retail Ltd said Urbani "has purchased the best performing retail pet superstores from the previous company, Canadian Petcetera Limited Partnership and made significant changes in response to customer demand."

“New Petcetera Retail Ltd is a true sign of economic recovery,” Urbani, the CEO of New Petcetera, said in the release. “We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to return with an even stronger offering for the consumer in the pet speciality segment. With our new look, better service, an improved in-stock position and pet nutrition, I believe that the new stores will be a phenomenal success.”

In March, the company filed for creditor protection, citing the recession's impact on the Canadian retail industry, and announced that four of the company's retail outlets in Ontario and Alberta would close in May.

However, the company was unable to restructure after filing for creditor protection, leading to June's bankruptcy.

Trouble was first sounded in May 2008 when a group of former employees filed a complaint with the B.C. Labour Relations Board alleging the company terminated almost half its workforce in an attempt to bust a union drive. But the company said it had to lay off staff because it wasn't doing well.

Comments: Carmina

September 01, 2009 - 4:17 PM 

Let's hope Petcetera will fail again.  Dan Urbani doesn't get it - selling " a wider selection of live animals" is not going to get more customers and it’s not in keeping with societal attitudes.  The public is choosing to buy from stores that do not contribute to animal suffering and exploitation.  There are plenty of homeless pets in shelters, in rescue, or advertised online.  We will continue to boycott this business.  www.rabbitadvocacy.com 

September 20, 2009 Petcetera stores will soon be receiving its increased selection of animals and birds in the hopes of attracting new consumers.   Among those adverstised in the "grand opening" flyer are quaker parrots, leopard geckos, budgies, hamsters, hermit cabs, and rabbits.  Cages have also been set up for chinchillas, reptiles, and amphibians.  All sorts of innocent victims to feed the cruel pet trade.  We strongly encourage people to write their local government to enact new regulations to protect these animals.  We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering and death associated with this industry.  Whether it's rabbits, birds, or reptiles, many of these unwanted creatures are illegally released into the environment.  Many thrive while others become prey, or succumb to sickness, starvation, and other mortality factors.  Due to the invasiveness of quaker parrots (monk parakeets), for example, some states in the U.S. have outlawed the importation, selling, releasing, and mere possession of these birds. 

A letter dated September 21, 2009 was sent by Carmina Gooch, RAG BC, to the City of Victoria:  

Dear Mayor and Council,
The Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC is asking once again that the City of Victoria create new bylaws that would restrict the breeding and selling of unsterilized rabbits, and ban the sale of unaltered rabbits in pet stores.  Most of these mammals are bought on impulse by the public without any knowledge of their complex needs.  The vast majority are illegally released into communities within six months, and begin breeding at a prolific rate.  The gestation period is roughly thirty days with an average of six kits per litter.  Humane societies, rescue groups, and the pounds are always at over-capacity with unwanted rabbits, and finding good and lasting homes for these animals is extremely challenging.  We don't need more rabbits being bred for show, as breeding stock, or as pets.  Petco, a national pet retailer in the U.S. adopts only sterilized rabbits, with CEO Jim Myers, saying it's good for business and the right thing to do. 
Whether it's a commercial mill, a hobby or backyard breeder, or the 4-H Club, the bottom line is that the reckless breeding of rabbits is irresponsible behaviour and costly to municipality. The pet industry is full of suffering and death, impacting all of society.

Has the City ever investigated the sourcing of rabbits or requested that the SPCA do so?
The New Petcetera, one of which is on Tillicum Road and near the University of Victoria, is stocking an expanded array of critters in its retail outlets.  Among those advertised in the "grand opening" flyer are quaker parrots, leopard geckos, budgies, hamsters, hermit crabs, and rabbits.  Cages have also been set up for chinchillas, and other reptiles and amphibians.  In this day and age, with increased recognition on animal welfare and related issues, exploiting innocent creatures for profits, is not seen as an ethical business venture.  The public wants legislation that provides protection to these vulnerable critters and to the community.
Many of the unwanted "pets" that become introduced species into the environment vie for survival for only a short time before becoming prey or dying from starvation and other mortality factors.  Some thrive and form colonies and spread, upsetting the ecosystem.  Whatever the species - rabbit, cat, bird, or iguana, government action at the municipal level must be part of an overall and coordinated strategy.  Due to the invasiveness of quaker parrots, for example, some states in the U.S. have outlawed the importation, selling, releasing, and mere possession of these birds.
Kelowna has banned the sale of unaltered rabbits, with the District of North Vancouver, the District of Coldstream, the City of Vernon, and the City of Richmond expecting to do the same in the near future.
We applaud these measures and look forward to your response on this important issue.

Comment:  A similar letter was sent to Vancouver City Council, as Petcetera is reopening its store on Rupert St.  Irresponsible corporations like this retailer don’t deserve your business.  A press release by Vancouver Humane Society on September 22nd called for a boycott of this chain, citing plans to sell reptiles among its expanded list of vulnerable creatures.  Rabbit Advocacy’s public awareness ad can be seen in The Province, Sept. 24th, and our online ad for the month of October is in the ‘Pets’ section under ‘Life.’  We are taking action individually and as a united force, impelling social change.  If not you, then who?                  


September 26, 2009 What was to be today’s “grand opening” of the ‘New Petcetera’ stores, saw the Vancouver Rupert St. store closed.

Animal groups call for boycott of Petcetera 

By Peter Fricker Oct 10 2009 – Vancouver Sun (weblog excerpt)  

In 2008, the Richmond News quoted Dan Urbani, President and CEO of pet store chain Petcetera: "Due to the lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of keeping exotic animals as pets, Petcetera does not support the sale of these animals."  Last month, Petcetera, which went bankrupt earlier this year, reopened a number of stores in the Lower Mainland with an expanded list of animals for sale, including a range of reptiles.  The store is also selling unspayed and unneutered rabbits, which it had also previously agreed not to do. 

That's why a number of animal groups, including the Vancouver Humane Society, Liberation BC, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy and the Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC are calling for a boycott of Petcetera stores. 

Animals are not just novelties to be bought and disposed of when they are too much trouble or cease to be amusing. Giving them a home is a serious responsibility.  And for those who choose to take on that responsibility, the first port of call should be a shelter or rescue group, not the profit-motivated retailers who treat animals as products.

Comment: For the umpteenth time, Petcetera has postponed the opening of the Rupert St. store.  If you'd like to be contacted for the planned demonstration on opening day, e-mail us for details. rabbitadbc@shaw.ca

December 15, 2009  The Rupert St. store is no longer listed under Petcetera's locations.

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