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PETCO to Offer Neutered Rabbits for Adoption Only

National Retailer Invites Humane Societies, Rabbit Rescues to Adopt Through its Stores

SAN DIEGO, Nov 17, 2008 PETCO is reaching out to animal-welfare agencies and local rescue groups in an effort to greatly increase the number of rabbits that find forever homes by offering adoptions at its stores nationwide, the company announced today.

PETCO works with rabbit groups in several areas to provide in-store rabbit adoptions, and now wants to expand that effort. In recent years, about a third of the company's nearly 950 stores have offered neutered rabbits for sale. PETCO expects to phase out the sale of rabbits in favor of adoptions by early 2009.

"Moving to an all-adoption approach with rabbits is the right thing to do. We believe it's good for the animals, good for our business and is consistent with our Think Adoption First philosophy in which we encourage prospective pet parents to consider adopting an animal rather than purchasing one," PETCO CEO Jim Myers said. "Rabbits are great companion animals, and we believe PETCO can play a pivotal role in partnering with animal-welfare groups to connect responsible pet parents with happy, healthy neutered rabbits through in-store adoptions nationwide."

PETCO already has strong relationships with about 70 rabbit adoption groups -- including the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, the Oregon Humane Society, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, San Diego House Rabbit Society and the Escondido, Calif., Humane Society as well as other groups across the nation. The company is also communicating with the national House Rabbit Society to build additional relationships with local chapters and affiliates.

Marcie Whichard, PETCO vice president of animal care, education and compliance, said rabbits are the third most popular companion animals after dogs and cats. "We're thrilled with the success of our relationship with our current rabbit group partners in providing forever homes for more and more rabbits. We look forward to reaching out to expand our network of relationships with other groups across the country. By working together -- local rescue groups, PETCO and the PETCO Foundation -- we can do great things on behalf of homeless rabbits."

The company said it will partner with local rescue groups to:

-- Provide habitat housing for adoptable rabbits in stores; and
-- Care for adoptable rabbits as part of the company's industry-leading animal-care procedures to feed and monitor animals housed in PETCO stores;
-- Assist with the adoption of any relinquished rabbits in need of a forever home.

PETCO Foundation Executive Director Paul Jolly expressed support for the company's shift to offer all-adoptable rabbits. "This is a wonderful expression of our Think Adoption First philosophy.

The PETCO Foundation will do our part to help build relationships with rabbit rescue groups and find forever homes for these lovable animals," Jolly said. "As rabbits become even more popular as pets, it's critical that families have access to happy, healthy, neutered rabbits -- and
PETCO stores provide an important channel to link these great animals with responsible pet parents. I encourage the rabbit-welfare community to help with this very important work to save rabbit lives and find them forever homes."

Article from www.marketwatch.com 

Comment:  Maybe Petcetera’s President and CEO, Dan Urbani will sit up and take notice.  To read about the Rabbit Advocacy Group’s campaigns to stop the sale of unaltered rabbits visit:  www.rabbitadvocacy.com See our News/PSAs page!

Petco To Reduce Number Of Pets Sold In Stores 

February 25, 2008 Reuters 

Petco has announced that they will reduce the number of animals for sale in its stores nationwide by 30 percent. The company said they are making space for more products as they are trying to tailor stores to local markets.  

Petco spokesman Kevin Whalen said the decision was based on the results of a test that started in November 2007. He stated that Petco is taking customer needs into consideration and is aiming to keep animals in stores for a shorter period. 

But People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said that Petco’s move is because of their investigation of Rainbow World Exotics (RWE) in Hamilton, Texas, one of Petco’s animal suppliers. An undercover PETA investigator recorded abuse and neglect of birds and other animals.  

PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch made this statement: “PETCO is taking good steps that should send a ripple through the pet trade industry, but it is astounding that an abusive mill like RWE can still call the nation’s two largest pet supply companies its customers. The decisions by PETCO and PetSmart not to cut ties with RWE make it clear that to them, the bottom line is far more important than ensuring that tens of thousands of animals avoid pain and suffering. PETA wants consumers to know that animals do not generally fare well in the pet trade. Animal shelters and pounds are the place to go when you are ready to offer a loving, responsible home to an animal.” 

Whalen responded, “While it will benefit animals, our decision to expand the test program to all of our stores is unrelated to our discussions with PETA.”

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Breeders who sell to pet stores don't care what happens to their 'stock'. The lives of the animals are measured in
financial terms only. They are exploited as commodities to be converted to capital. The entire trade is synonymous with misery, suffering, and death.
 Help us in our efforts to reform this antiquated & oppressive industry.

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