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Domestic rabbit abandonment is a huge problem world-wide and British Columbia is no exception.  Often thought of as easy 'starter pets' suitable for young children, countless numbers are bought on impulse.  Once the novelty has worn off and the reality of day-to-day care sets in, these cute little baby bunnies frequently become unwanted.  Unprepared for the adolescent stage and the marking of territory many are abandoned at this time of their life.  At our sanctuary in North Vancouver we provide a home for discarded rabbits of all types.  Many suffer from neglect or have health issues when they come to us.  Others are frightened of the human touch or lack socialization.   

Sadly, the surplus of companion rabbits far exceeds the demand.  Animal welfare organizations and rescue groups are at or over-capacity.  Pets In Need Society and the Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC network with local shelters in giving a second chance to rabbits awaiting permanent loving homes.  Please choose to adopt and help spread the word that rabbits are not disposable pets. 

Note: The application below is a sample of what shelters and rescue groups will require from you.  Contact RAG BC for further information.


Rabbit Adoption Application

Please answer each question in full for your application to be considered.  We try to find every rabbit the appropriate lifetime home and therefore reserve the right to refuse applications.


Date of Application: _______________________

Applicant’s Name (print): ____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
                                                street                                                    city                                                  postal code

Telephone: ____________________  E-Mail _________________________________

Employer: __________________________________  Telephone _________________

Age Group: 18-25 ____              26-45  ____                  46-65  ____        Over 65  _____            

The Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC takes in homeless, 'older' and neglected rabbits as a first priority but will take owner surrenders in certain circumstances.  www.rabbitadvocacy.com

Provide details on rabbit/s breed, age, colour for which you are interested in adopting


If interested in a specific rabbit provide its name and reason for adopting   __________________________________

Have you had a rabbit before:  Yes ____________ No _____________________

Provide details on past or present rabbits _______________________________________

Have any ever been fathers or mothers? ____________________________

If yes, total number of litters ________________________________
Rabbits live from 5 to 10 years and require the same responsible adult care as a cat or a dog


Who will be responsible for the care and costs of the rabbit? ___________________________

How will you be housing this animal __________________________

Is your home bunny-proofed? _____________________________

What measures have you taken? ______________________________

Will you be keeping s/he indoors or outdoors? ________________________________

How long have you been considering bringing a rabbit into your household? ____________________________ 
Rabbits are social animals that require daily affection and attention 
How many hours a day will you be spending with the rabbit? _____________________ 
Rabbits need exercise and cannot spend their life kept in a cage 


How many hours per day will the rabbit be free?    1          2          3          4          all the time  _________ 
The most important part of a rabbit’s diet is fresh hay


What type of hay will you be feeding your rabbit? _______________________

Where do you purchase your pet supplies?  ___________________________________________ 

Do you live in a:  House___________   Apartment _________  Condo  _____________  Other  ______________

Rent   __________  Own  ____________ 

If you rent, are you permitted to have this animal?  ___________

Are you able to provide a copy of the lease/rental agreement?  ___________________

How long have you been at this address? _______________

Is anybody in the household allergic to pets or hay? _______________

Number of adults and children in household   _________________

Ages of children (if under “8” see below)  ___________________

Do you intend to make sure the children are supervised when with the rabbit at all times?  Yes  ____ No  ____

      Are you aware that rabbits are easily injured and that small children could be scratched or bitten by a frightened rabbit?  
      Yes  ___                            No  ___

What other pets do you have?  _____________________________________________

Have they been spayed or neutered?  ___________

How will they adjust to a new animal being brought into the household?  ___________________________

Have you ever surrendered any of your previous pets?  ____________________________

If so, why?  _______________________________

Under what circumstances would you give up this animal or return it to us?  ___________________________

Where will the animal go when you are on vacation?  ____________________

What will you do if you move into a place that does not accept pets?  ____________________

Are you aware that rabbits require a veterinarian knowledgeable of their special needs?        Yes  ____No ____

Can you afford veterinary care for your pet?  ____________________

Name, address, and phone number of your vet  ___________________________________________________

Are you committed to this animal for the length of its life? __________


References:  __________________________________________


Can't adopt but would like to help?

If your lifestyle doesn't include having a bunny companion, you can always help by fostering or sponsoring one of these special critters.  Your compassion and support will enable us to continue saving lives and giving second chances to those who have been discarded and forgotten by others.  

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Praise for The Rabbit Rescuers

02/18/07  Several of the local animal rescue groups were featured in an article by Peter Clough in the Vancouver Province: Pet rescue: The untold tails!

Letter Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kudos to animal rescuers

The voice of the small rescue and advocacy groups has gone largely unnoticed by the media. So thanks to Peter Clough.

The BCSPCA has monopolized headlines as far back as I remember, whereas we've all heard Margaret Mead's famous quote: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

It's those groups and individuals who don't get the glory, the donations or simple recognition, yet they're the ones volunteering endless hours in leading the way in efforts to make our communities better for all, one animal at a time.

Carmina Gooch,
North Vancouver

Animal Advocates Society says: The most credible source for rabbit news in BC is the Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC