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Rabbits riling farmer

Bunnies nibble through pricey pumpkin plantings

June 16, 2006 (various media)

On Monday, Richmond council recognized the problem that farmers south of Steveston Highway are having. "There's a very large rabbit population that has gotten out of hand," said Coun. Evelina Halsey-Brandt. More >> 

As the principal animal welfare agency in BC the SPCA could lead by example and sterilize all its animals prior to adoption. Adult rabbits are very difficult to find homes for, and the surplus is far in excess of the demand so that's presumably one of the reasons that the Surrey SPCA, for example, has unaltered rabbits available for $20.00. Then, too, in all likelihood, more than a few of them are put down. Carmina Gooch.  More >> 

Photos taken June 16/06 at the Surrey SPCA 

Rabbit rescuer Leona Schwalback wrote, "We need an education centre and a place for people to surrender their unwanted rabbits."

This attitude actually perpetuates and entrenches the problem. Ms Schwalback's solution is to make it easier for more people to abandon rabbits so it follows that more people will buy rabbits. Ms Schwalback keeps rabbits in her garage, others keep them stacked in apartments and basements and barns.

Not many animals are served by the "bigger shelters" model of animal welfare, as the supply of used pets is much larger than the demand, in the case of rabbits, perhaps a thousand to one. AAS. More >>

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