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Recall ordered for ham, sausages by B.C. company

October 3, 2011 CBC News

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control is warning ready-to-eat meat products produced by a Cariboo-Chilcotin meat processor may pose a health risk if consumed. The centre says products made by Chilcotin Harvest and distributed in the Williams Lake area and sold from the Ethical Kitchen restaurant in North Vancouver may be contaminated with botulism or E. coli.

During a routine inspection of the processing plant, inspectors found safety issues with the process in which the products were being prepared. The processor has stopped distributing this product and is cooperating fully with provincial inspectors.

"These products were not formulated in accordance with practices that are consistent with food safety standards," said Lynn Wilcott with the BCCDC. "It was determined that Clostridium botulinum or E. coli could potentially grow in these products."

Consumers are advised to discard the affected products, labelled "Pasture to Plate." The BCCDC says there are no dates or lot numbers associated with the products, which were sold in individual retail packages.

The recall affects the following beef, pork and lamb products:

  • Beef jerky, bratwurst, cervelat, whole or sliced bresaola, whole or sliced buendnerfleisch , corned beef, organic beef jäeger, meatloaf, pepperoni sticks, wieners.
  • Bacon, boneless ham, bone-in country style ham, whole or sliced coppa, pepperoni, whole or sliced prosciutto, ham sausage, liverwurst.
  • Lamb jäeger.

October 5, 2011: Ethical Kitchen responds to Meat Recall  We wrote to ‘Ethical Kitchen’ in North Vancouver regarding the recall, the benefits of a wholesome, plant-based diet, and the fact that selling meat and animal products in an establishment cannot make the business an ethical one, and that advertising  as such is misleading. We received this reply verbatim: 

Did you know that vegans are well documented to have pervasive deficiancies of B vitamins? Did you know that a big symptom of deficiency is agression and violent expression? It is ironic that those who pose in our society as the most gentle creatures of our human kind, can never keep it together in the face of challenges and also begin to embody the predator and display more predatory behaviors and inclinations to violence and agression than people consuming a balance and traditional diet. 

Blessings to you on your path to a self destructive life. 

Barbara Schellenberg. grassfedmeats@pasture-to-plate.com

Comment: Ethics and safety in the food industry is woefully lacking. Politics, corporate interests, and keeping the economy afloat overrides all else – the animals, the environment, and human health. As to mainstream media, don’t expect them to make waves.

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