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Saving Sunshine the Goat


December 20, 2014


Thanks to your support this year, Animal Justice fought hard to help animals across the country. Let us tell you a story about a special goat named Sunshine.


Rescued as a baby by Sherry and Yan, the owners of Piebird Farmstay & Sanctuary in Nipissing Village, Ontario, Sunshine escaped the misery of a life in the dairy industry. Instead, he grew up frolicking in the countryside. His sunny personality and unique smile made him an instant favourite of everyone he met.


But last February, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency threatened to end Sunshine’s happy existence. The CFIA wanted to slaughter Sunshine. They claimed Sunshine had been born on a farm where a case of scrapie was found -- a neurological disease that can affect goats.


The CFIA had already slaughtered 482 goats from the farm, and now they planned to kill Sunshine, too.  


Even though Sunshine’s risk of scrapie is almost zero, and even though he lives at a sanctuary, the CFIA insisted that killing Sunshine was the only way to protect the goat farming industry.


But Sunshine is more than just "livestock." He is a pet goat and part of the Piebird sanctuary family. Sherry and Yan vowed to fight the CFIA decision.


Lawyers from Animal Justice were there to help. We stepped in, determined not to let Sunshine become a casualty of the CFIA’s harsh eradication program. And we won.


Thanks to Animal Justice lawyers, Sherry and Yan, and the momentum of a 30,000+ person petition supporting Sunshine, the CFIA backed down. Sunshine was saved from a cruel death. Today, he continues to live a joyful life with Sherry, Yan, and the rest of the rescued creatures who call Piebird Sanctuary their home.


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