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Thinking of Buying a Rabbit for Easter?

Don't Do it!

By Carmina Gooch

Every year, pet stores and breeders exploit baby bunnies as that perfect gift for a child. They are not Easter toys or ‘starter pets.’ Rabbits require the same responsibilities as other companion animals, like dogs and cats. Sadly, most Easter Bunnies end up unwanted, neglected, or abandoned once the novelty has worn off. Sometimes within days or weeks.  

There are plenty of unwanted rabbits at municipal shelters or in private rescue, and many more fending for themselves in parks and other public places. Rabbits are sensitive, intelligent creatures. It cannot be stressed enough the diligence of doing homework before deciding if a rabbit is suitable for one’s lifestyle.  

Sadly, rabbits are undervalued and unappreciated in society. 

Rabbits are considered multi-purpose animals, bred for the pet industry and raised for food, among other uses. Protections for them are sorely lacking, leaving them wide open to abuse and suffering. Rabbit breeders fly under the radar and there are no Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Rabbits in Canada or in BC. 

Please consider the rabbit this Easter. For ways in which you can help us help these lagomorphs contact the: Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC www.rabbitadvocacy.com

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Thinking of buying a rabbit for Easter - Don't! BCWD 2014

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