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Worldwide rabbit appreciation day

If you are a rabbit parent, chances are good that every day is rabbit love and appreciation day in your home. Without a doubt, it is here in ours. Haiku and all the dear bunnies weve had the pleasure to share our home with have been most special friends, and treasured members of our family. Their trust, company and friendship have been true gifts in our lives.

So, what is this official proclamation all about? It is about raising awareness to make the world a better place for companion rabbits. It is about encouraging rabbit parents everywhere to do their small part to spread the word about responsible rabbit guardianship, to let others know how intelligent and affectionate rabbits can be, and to remind everyone that they can make a difference for the better, which will ultimately help to reduce the number of rabbits surrendered to shelters.

How Did It Begin?

When we first envisioned our bunny cottage and founded 24 Carrot Lane, we mainly felt that wed like to see more toys and nice items available for rabbits. Our mission has evolved as we've come to see firsthand how many misconceptions still exist about rabbits.

So many well-intentioned people we talk with have made comments like We used to have a rabbit and it was really mean! They then typically continue to say that the rabbit had never been spayed or neutered, and stayed in its cage or hutch in the backyard the majority of the time. Some describe the rabbit as having been sort of poked at and bothered by the kids. Then there are the kind folks who are flabbergasted by the news that a rabbit can actually live indoors and learn to use a litterbox.

After hearing so many stories with similar themes, which many times end sadly with the rabbit either being given away, brought to an animal shelter, or let loose in parks or woods, weve come to realize how very important imperative, really - it is for us to do our part to dispel myths and misconceptions, and to educate people as much as possible, in a genuine and friendly way, about responsible rabbit guardianship.

We encourage everybody to help make a difference by speaking out for the rabbits August 24th! 

Note: House Rabbit Society chapters celebrate International Rabbit Day on the fourth Saturday or Sunday in September.

Do your little bit of good where you are. Its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, peace advocate

Comment:  Parents often buy a pet rabbit for a child, mistakenly believing that this will teach them responsibility.  Sadly, most end up in a tiny cage ignored and neglected within a very short time.  Then abandoned to the outdoors or brought to the pound, their chance of survival is poor.  Remember, rabbits can be a commitment of 10 years or more, so be prepared and do your homework before deciding if you can provide a forever home.  These are lives that matter! 


Choose to adopt from a humane society, rescue group, or shelter and give a homeless bunny a second chance.  We do not advocate ownership of any animal; however it is our duty to care for the ones we have, and to ensure that all beings are valued and treated with the respect we wish for ourselves.  Each and every one of us can make a difference in this world!  And on this day, make a special effort to speak out on behalf of those sacrificed for the meat, fur, clothing, and vivisection industries.