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Animal Activist KP Stoller, MD President, International Hyperbaric Medical Assoc
Medical Director, Hyperbaric Medical Center of New Mexico

Interviewed by Claudette Vaughan, Abolitionist Online

Abolitionist: As an animal liberationist you were Science Editor, of the Animals' Voice Magazine which was published in the late 1980's. And you were the doctor who tried to have Dr. Leonard Baley indicted on murder charges for putting a baboon heart into an infant. That’s a stroke of genius. Can you tell us how that came about please?

KP Stoller: I think the important point is less about my muse and more why the authorities never stepped up to the plate, because as a society every time we let someone get away with murder, the fundamental underlying issues never get resolved. Baley, now long gone from Loma Linda, was considered a local hero, and the courts in Redlands were star-struck (as it was explained to me). The assistant District Attorney told me that they did not want to cost taxpayers the expense of putting on a case they could not get a conviction on. Baley would have his witnesses and the County would have their witnesses and the Judge would say this doesn't belong in a court of law and was over his head, and the case would be thrown out.

I have to say there may have been a great deal of truth to that excuse, but it was an excuse. I am a little sad that I never learned of any other bio-ethicist step up to the plate and put pressure on Loma Linda the way I did. Nevertheless...they never did another transplant.

Abolitionist: You are currently involved in trying to eliminate the mercury-laden adulterant from all vaccines used in the USA and elsewhere for human use. Regrettably, thimerosal is used in many vaccines destined for animal use, and do to the small size of some of these animals, such as small domestic animals, they take a very large mercury hit, that exceeds safety guidelines many times over. Some of these animals get sick, and some die - no one ever knowing it was form ethyl-mercury in the vaccines they received. Your agenda is to attack at the weakest link and watch the chain unravel under its own inertia at that point. Please talk about this?

KP Stoller: I am convinced we are making many animals very ill by loading them up with organic mercury, especially the small animals. Mercury pollution in all its forms is but the tip of the iceberg in this arena. I don't even want to know what we are breathing in on a daily basis, but I am sure it would cause almost everyone to find it difficult to sleep at night, let alone breathe. There is no defence for pumping out mercury into the environment or into our bodies, and yet this continues, especially in relationship to coal-fire power plants. This is all very much linked to Global Warming. I don't know whether we are going to cook ourselves off the planet or poison ourselves off the planet, but unless there is Divine intervention I have to be less than optimistic about the future of higher life forms being able to exist on this planet.

Abolitionist: There is increasingly more and more evidence linking mercury poison with autism. Please out line your views here Dr Stoller.

KP Stoller: If you had a room of 500 people with diabetes, but you didn't know that a single agent was responsible for their disease you might find it hard to believe that they all had this single pathology in common. Some would be having amputations from problem wounds, some would be passing out and going into coma, some would be going blind. The same is true for autism. There are no genetic epidemics. One in six children now have a neurobehavioral disorder. There is now enough evidence to point the finger at heavy metals as the cause, the single cause although there are multiple epigenetic co-factors.

Abolitionist: In Dr Horowitz’s book “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? his studies gathered evidence to conclude that the AIDS and Ebola viruses evolved during cancer virus experiments where monkeys were infected with viral genes from other animals. Can you speak about this please?

KP Stoller: That's kicking over a hornet's nest. Yes, it's probably true that our modern plaques were unleashed upon mankind, consciously or not, by our own hands. I am not will to necessarily vouch for Horowitz's version of the story, but that doesn't change the big picture.

Abolitionist: Is AIDS, Ebola, SARS and the Avian flu just different forms of bioterrorism?

KP Stoller: SARS was a Chinese bio-warfare experiment that got out of control and even surprised its handlers. There is nothing new about Avian flu, but it became very convenient to terrorize everyone with and put a lot of money in certain pockets. You have to understand that there have been those shadowy interests that have always wanted to have the ability to control the population on this planet because they think they know what is in their best interest, and their interests are all that matters to them. They are clueless, and are going to get their just desserts and comeuppance soon enough. They have over-played their rolls, and the hook is coming.

Abolitionist: Why do you think the orthodox war on cancer in the laboratory and finding a cure has failed, in many cases it’s getting worse. All the billions and billions of dollars fundraised to supposingly “fight cancer” has come to nothing except more animal experimentation and fatter grants. Is this a hoax?

KP Stoller: War is the problem. When there is a war there is profiteering, and those that profit from war don't want war to stop. It doesn't matter what the war is. Follow the money!

Abolitionist: Can you talk about animal vaccines and why more and more scientists and doctors oppose them? Are vaccines a shot in the dark? Are they causing more diseases than what they are curing?

KP Stoller: At this moment in history, when the vaccine-pharma industry has been one side of the coin and the bio-warfare industry is the other side of the coin, I don't think one can trust what is in vaccines. The cover-up over Thimerosal is just one facet of this. A viable tool has been exploited for greed and population control.

Abolitionist: Last year the BBC News ran a story reporting that cystic fibrosis could be treated using elements of two potentially fatal viruses – HIV and Ebola. “The viruses are used to deliver a healthy version of the gene which is faulty in CF directly into lung cells. The University of Pennsylvania researchers say tests on monkeys show the method is most effective”. Can you debunk that Dr Stoller?

KP Stoller: The potential for certain diseases to be treated by an infection of something benevolent has always been a viable theory waiting to be responsibly exploited. I am not familiar with the research the BBC reported on, but I would read any of these reports with great caution.

Abolitionist: In an article “Activists Force The Pigs To Fly To Asia” Michael Blackman wrote that it’s been estimated that 10-15% of the costs of drug discovery in the US and Britain goes towards animal testing. The total cost of bringing a new drug to the market can be more than us 1 billion dollars (AUS.1.3 billion) and that this business has been increasingly outsourced to Asia. China already supplies most of the world’s primates for animal testing, big tax and up-front incentives have attracted several leading researchers to Singapore and as shown by GlaxoSmithCline’s new venture 115 million dollars has gone into their new Research and Development facility which will further promote this trend. Blackman concludes by saying “…the West continues to strip itself of tasks that are dirty, boring and now, controversial”. I’d like to hear your views please.

KP Stoller: I am not surprised to learn about this out-sourcing, but it doesn't change the underlying problems with using animal models in medical and pharma research. They are not cost-effective, nor information effective. Cruelty is another issue, but not one that would impact on those that are so involved. Using animal models is a lot like using torture to get information from people. You can get them to say just about anything, but the information is not useful.

The Animals in Science Policy Institute: The only Canadian registered charity that works solely on advocating for better science without animals.

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It is pretty well known in the pharmaceutical industry that animal testing has virtually no correlation with human results.

If you call it research, you can get away with murder.