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BC Liberal Party Ideas Lab: Agriculture and Food

In April, the BC Liberal Party launched its Ideas Lab, publicized as “the first interactive policy engagement tool in Canada, soliciting ideas from both BC Liberal Party members and the general public for specific purposes, such as the BC Liberal 2013 campaign platform.”  There are 124 submissions in categories like Taxes and Fees, and Health Services. 

Under Agriculture and Food the BC Liberal Party Value(s) are:

- Advancing healthy life-style choices for youth
- Advancing rural jobs and prosperity
- Promoting awareness of BC products and services at home and abroad

No mention of animal welfare, yet it is of growing public concern. Animal rights, too, is finally being included within a broader social justice movement. It’s an issue that is gaining momentum.  

Carmina Gooch’s submission: http://www.ideaslab.ca/browse-ideas/idea?ideaId=256 Please support the idea!

Agriculture and Food

Improving farm animal welfare

June 5, 2012 http://www.ideaslab.ca/browse-ideas/idea?ideaId=256

Posted By: Carmina Gooch

My Idea

Improve farm animal welfare by providing all species raised for food production with the basic Five Freedoms from birth to slaughter.


The industrialized practice of animal confinement is inhumane and abusive. Practices such as battery cages, veal crates, and gestation stalls constitutes unmitigated cruelty. Furthermore, it impacts animal health and productivity. We must recognize that animals experience pain and suffering. They are sentient beings, and as such, we have a moral duty to reform the current and common practices inherent in today’s agriculture industry.


Animal welfare and food production are of increasing concern to all of society, and it is for the common good that we move forward with a new approach. The devastating effects on our environment, food security, and human health are well documented. We have a costly and unsustainable system.

What do you think?

- Excellent idea and would be a huge step in the right direction.

- Hi, I agree this is of increasing concern. Your idea is very sound. If fines were levied for non-compliance, then enforcing new regulation wouldn't cost the government in monitoring and investigations. Thank you.

Principles and criteria of good Animal Welfare
Science and Society improving animal welfare

March 2013: According to the FLNRO Ministry, domestic or agricultural animals are not listed as wildlife within the Wildlife Act (the Act) as these animals are largely managed through other legislation such as Community Charter, Livestock Act, or Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

June 16, 2014 Animal welfare standards for farmed animals (letter to BC gov't)

Comment: Several emails have been sent since, with no response from either the premier or the agriculture minister. Responses have been received from our MLA, Jane Thornthwaite, and a few  others.

August 31, 2017: BC now has a new NDP government. John Horgan was officially sworn in as the 36th premier on July 18th, replacing Christy Clark, and ending 16 years of Liberal rule in BC. The 41 NDP MLAs aligned with the three Green MLAs to topple the Liberals, 44 to 43. 

We have already contacted this new government on animal welfare issues, including that of farmed animals.  Farmed animals are in desperate need of new regulations with enforcement to provide them with basic protections. It was pointed out that animal agriculture itself is fundamentally inhumane and that industry has proven time and time again that it cannot self-regulate. We cannot maintain a system of the fox guarding the henhouse. Business interests cannot continue to eclipse the rights of animals.

Read more: BC slaughterhouses; licensing; meat inspection regulations; Salt Spring Island abattoir; Pitt Meadows Meats E.coli case coverup; cruelty; 2023 another covert operation  Industry must be held accountable for routinely sacrificing animal welfare in the relentless pursuit of profit.

B.C. Gov't Moving to Keep Farm Disease Outbreaks Secret; Bill 37 shelved!; update AHA revised; reportable diseases

B.C. Livestock Act 2018

Visit: Links & Gov't Contacts

Support the Right to Rescue Help the whistleblowers facing prison time for exposing factory farm abuses and rescuing suffering animals.

Visit our Animal Law page for more !!

In a world where most animals are worth more dead than alive…those that kill them are protected…and those that protect them are incarcerated. Who is the real terrorist?

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  Mark Twain