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Canmore council opts to cull rabbits 

November 2, 2011 Calgary Herald

Canmore's feral rabbit population will face a cull this winter but could see a reprieve if a non-profit group with an acceptable plan steps forward to save them in the future.

The town's council approved awarding a contract to Animal Damage Control beginning Nov. 14 to locate, trap, humanely euthanize, transport and deliver rabbits to a suitable end use such as a wildlife rehabilitation centre for raptors.

At the same time, council left the door open for a non-profit society to propose a program to spay/neuter and permanently relocate the animals to an approved sanctuary.

Mayor Ron Casey, however, told those upset with the decision that the municipality has waited long enough on the issue. "The door is wide open for anyone who wants to work with us . . . but we will not build the program for you," he said. "We will work with you when you come to us with a program, which you have not done."

The mayor pointed to efforts in Banff National Park to restore lake ecosystems by poisoning introduced species as an example of what Canmore is doing with the feral rabbits, which are not a natural species to the area.

Save Canmore Bunnies spokeswoman Kyndra Biggy said she is disappointed but is hopeful the decision spurs people in the community to continue fighting to find a non-lethal solution. "I was really hoping council would give us more time on this - it's complex," Biggy said, adding the most significant hurdle was finding land for a sanctuary to permanently relocate the bunnies. "I have to move mountains for these bunnies."

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