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End the Slaughter of Pet Rabbits in Canmore  

November 20, 2012 Change.org

It has come to my attention that the town council of Canmore is needlessly killing hundreds of pet rabbits.

I object strongly to these innocent pet animals being killed. They are there because of neglectful owners and are being murdered because officials are too short sighted to even consider how the situation should be handled. Officials have made quick decisions without even considering alternatives or the welfare of the animals, and rabbit rescue and welfare groups have not even been consulted on the matter.

I will definitely take part in the campaign exposing this cruelty and will spread the information far and wide.  I also refuse to ever visit Canmore again if they engage in such thoughtless and atrocious behaviour towards pet animals.

The majority of the residents of Canmore donít want the rabbits harmed so why have the town officials gone against public opinion and global outcry against pets being killed in Canmore?

Vast amounts of public funds would be wasted on killing the rabbits where it would be far cheaper, ethical and effective to hand over the situation to the rescue organisations who have stated that they will trap, neuter and re-home the rabbits. Groups have offered to fund the rescues and temporary holding areas, and vets have offered their services free.

Time and assistance should be given to the rescue groups so that they can remove the rabbits, then everyone will be happy with the outcome. We urge that the pet rabbits are handed over to rescue organisations or taken to temporary holding areas to await placement in rescues if rescues are not immediately available.

This reflects very badly on the global reputation of the town. It is a very disturbing message that they are teaching their children and citizens - that violence against the vulnerable and weak is acceptable, that its fine to needlessly kill animals for petty reasons, that animal cruelty is acceptable, and that pets are disposable.

This issue has the potential to seriously affect tourism in the area. People will not want to visit a town known only for its brutality and shameful behaviour.

Thank you for your time on this issue and I hope that you will do the right thing and ensure that these pets are neutered and spayed and found homes, and that meanwhile no harm comes to them.

Many thanks.

Injunction dismissed, Canmore activists forge on, the politics of it all, EARS contract, concerns mount for the rabbits; lethal control

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