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How Farm Animals Live and Die

Today's Freaks: An A to Z of How Farm Animals Live and Die  
December 26, 2011 by Sue Cross pacificfreepress.com  

How are all the animals we use for food reared, fed and slaughtered: the chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; the laying hens, quail and pheasants; the pigs, lambs, dairy cattle, beef cattle, and veal calves; the fish and shellfish; the goats, dogs and horses?  

This A to Z tells how.

Today's Freaks goes behind the scenes of animal farming. It shows for instance that in some parts of the world breeding dogs for meat is preferred to breeding pigs.  

And that in factory farms, if it were not for the routine use of antibiotics, animals would be unlikely to stay alive until their slaughter date - see Antibiotics, Diet and also Disease; or go to Health.

Under Supermarket Food find that ingredients that originate from animals are in all sorts of products you might not expect like gelatine in sweets (which is made by boiling animal skins and bones until the mixture becomes soft and elastic). This book also looks at all sorts of topics not normally associated with food production: Fear, Injuries, Pain. Butchering, Gassing, Electrocution. Bullying, Cannibalism, Mutilations.

There are Questions too for example: Is it wrong to treat farm animals as if they were inanimate agricultural products? And if so what can we do about it? 

Above all this book shows how animals reared in factory farms have been bred to become so unlike their natural selves (see Double-muscled Mutants) that they are unlikely - even in natural surroundings - to be able to lead anything like normal lives. Hence the title of this book Today's Freaks. 

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