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 No food animal, other than a bird or domesticated rabbit, shall be suspended for the purpose of slaughter unless, immediately before being suspended, it is rendered unconscious or killed by a method set out in section 79.

 Every food animal that is slaughtered shall, before being bled,

*      (a) be rendered unconscious in a manner that ensures that it does not regain consciousness before death, by one of the following methods:

o   (i) by delivering a blow to the head by means of a penetrating or non-penetrating mechanical device in a manner that causes immediate loss of consciousness,

o   (ii) by exposure to a gas or a gas mixture in a manner that causes a rapid loss of consciousness, or

o   (iii) by the application of an electrical current in a manner that causes immediate loss of consciousness; or

*      (b) be killed by one of the methods set out in paragraph (a) or, in the case of a bird or a domesticated rabbit, by rapid decapitation.

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