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Nearly 400 rabbits found in feces riddled garage

June 12, 2013 fox59.com

Feces littered the walls and floors of a small garage on the city’s south side when Indianapolis Animal Care and Control arrived on the scene Tuesday.

Officials found nearly 400 rabbits living in the deplorable conditions at a home in the 7000 block of Alston Drive. Dozens of rabbits were shoved into rusted cages, many without food or water.

The rabbits were bred for three main purposes: to be shown, to be eaten and to be sold in pet shops.

The animals weren’t just inside the home’s garage, though. A shed housed several cages and dozens more rabbits. The conditions were the same as inside the garage, officials said.

Animal Care and Control said this is not the first time they have been called to the home
. The breeder, Richard Cartheuser, has been warned before. Cartheuser is not just a breeder, though. He is also listed as the vice president of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club. The animals are being taken to be evaluated. It’s not clear if the breeder will face any charges.

Animal Care and Control will facilitate the rabbits’ recovery and possible adoption after their investigation concludes.

June 20, 2013 Owner of 375 rabbits only gets 15 back

Comment: Cartheuser will have to be watched closely or he’ll be back in business again. That’s what he does – exploits and profits off the backs of these little creatures. Whether they were sold as meat, as pets, as “feeders” for reptiles, or displayed at “rabbit shows”, it was and is always about the bottom line.

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