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Owner of 375 rabbits only gets 15 back

June 20, 2013 Daniel Miller  wishtv.com

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The owner of hundreds of rabbits confiscated from a south side home reached an agreement with a judge Wednesday.  24-Hour News 8 talked to Rick Cartheuser on the phone. He was very emotional about what happened. Cartheuser's 300 plus rabbits are at Animal Care and Control. Wednesday afternoon he learned he will only get a few of them back.

About a week after the 375 rabbits were confiscated from the south side home where many sat in feces and urine, some of them will get to return. The owner of the animals agreed to surrender all except for 15. "He also will get back 15 cages for the corresponding animals and some miscellaneous items; some fans and small carriers," said Dan Shackle, Administrator for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.

Shackle attended the bond hearing. He said Cartheuser told the judge he would be more responsible. "Part of the agreed judgment also states that he will not be able to own more than 15 within the county," Shackle said. Cartheuser didn't want to talk after the hearing, but he did talk to 24-Hour News 8 the day his rabbits were taken. "It will be okay. You can breed a rabbit. They'll have babies every 33 days," Cartheuser said.

But the rabbits Cartheuser gets back won't be able to reproduce. "They will be spayed and neutered so they won't breed and he won't be able to increase," Shackle said.

Shackle said pet owners can learn a lesson from this case. "People need to keep their animals in good conditions. Whether you are an owner or a breeder, if you live in Marion County, you need to insure you have a clean living space for them, that you are properly feeding and watering them, that they are receiving proper vet care," he said. Animal Care and Control said some 300 man hours have been used to take care of the rabbits.

Cartheuser has until July 3 to pick up those 15 rabbits. He will also be responsible for paying the bonding cost as well as the spay-neuter for the 15 rabbits. He will also be subject to periodic inspections by Animal Care and Control.

Comment: Cartheuser will have to be watched closely or he’ll be back in business again. That’s what he does – exploits and profits off the backs of these little creatures. Whether they were sold as meat, as pets, as “feeders” for reptiles, or displayed at “rabbit shows”, it was and is always about the bottom line.

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