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Petition - Selling Bunnies is Selling Out

To: Robert F. Moran

President and Chief Operating Officer
PetSmart, Inc.

Selling Bunnies Is Selling Out

Please help us prevent more pets from dying in shelters.

With its long-standing policy of not selling dogs and cats in its stores, PetSmart, Inc. has long been an ally of Best Friends Animal Society in promoting adoptions and saving lives.

But a recent decision to sell rabbits in 40 of your stores flies in the face of PetSmart's reputation for responsible treatment of animals. Rabbits are already the third most euthanized animals in shelters across the United States.

That's why we're asking you to reconsider your decision. We urge PetSmart to take the high road and not sell rabbits when there already are more rabbits than homes to care for them.

Please, Mr. Moran, do the right thing. Apply the same principle to rabbits that you rightly do for cats and dogs. Please let your reputation for kindness and caring take precedence over the small amount of profits that can be generated from selling rabbits. We all know that this plan can only add to the number of pets being abandoned and then killed in shelters.

Thank you for considering this petition. We look forward, in return, to a continuing relationship as customers.



December 20, 2007 from Best Friends

Your voice made the difference!

Dear Carmina Gooch,

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ACTIVISM! We asked and you answered. Best Friends Network would like to send a special thank you for signing our Selling Bunnies is Selling Out petition. With your support we reached our signature goal, but more importantly, PetSmart is discontinuing the rabbit sale "test" and will no longer be selling rabbits in any of their stores.

This could not have happened without you. Your support of this campaign was essential to helping communicate the importance of this issue. As a result PetSmart reconsidered their choice. They will continue to welcome rescued rabbit adoptions as part of their commitment to finding homes for homeless pets. The Best Friends Network team would like to thank you for your continued support and ask that you now take the time to thank PetSmart. 

Comment:  We can all impact decisions by speaking out and taking action on behalf of our animal friends.  They are dependent upon us -- keep up the activism in 2008!

Taking Action to Stop PetSmart's Sale of Rabbits (update)

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