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Carmina Goochís recent letter to Canmore officials.

Gassing rabbits no solution 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Canmore Leader 11:28:31 MST AM

One cannot continue to practice eradication management of species that are a perceived nuisance to humans. Itís the current climate of ignorance, bias, and inhumanity that has decision-makers opting for a perceived quick fix. I suggest town officials ditch the current kill culture and concentrate on long-term humane prevention strategies that prevent pathways to abandonment.

Were veterinarians or representatives of animal welfare agencies consulted before town council approved the gassing of the rabbits? Itís a method of euthanasia considered inhumane by many and banned in many US states, the most recent being Pennsylvania.

Lethal control measures have proven to be costly, ongoing, and ineffective. While it may provide a temporary short-term solution it wonít be permanent. Moreover, one must consider the ethical consequences of such a draconian mindset that has innocent victims paying the price for human thoughtlessness and stupidity. It certainly hinders the advancement of humanity.

Since taxpayer dollars are being used to exterminate the rabbits one would expect that officials know how many rabbits have been killed. Why isnít this being told?

We expect transparency and fiscal responsibility. Please provide the numbers exterminated and the estimated number remaining.

Carmina Gooch

North Vancouver, B.C.

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