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Total rabbit cull (massacre) reaches 500

April 9, 2013 Dave Husdal, Canmore Leader

Canmore’s rabbit cull efforts have dispatched just over 500 feral rabbits to date, including 317 in the winter campaign that just ended. All of those animals trapped this winter were euthanized, rather than turned over to animal welfare groups.

The latest statistical update on the rabbit cull was provided to town council at its committee meeting Tuesday.

According to an administration report to council, the town spent 74 per cent of its $60,000 rabbit control budget in the first three months of 2013, meaning it has shelled out about $44,400 so far in 2013, and has about $15,600 left for fall control efforts.

Costs per rabbit were not immediately available. The town shelled out $157 per animal last winter to trap rabbits and turn them over to an animal welfare group to relocate in sanctuaries. Trapping has now ceased due to warmer weather. Feral rabbits are considered a pest (not by everybody) and wildlife attractant.

Comment: Many are saddened, but nobody is surprised that Canmore went ahead with the kill, as was its original intent. Combined with the controversial hiring and history/operations (UVic/Coombs) of the EARS charity, run by Susan Vickery, to relocate the rabbits, decision-makers probably decided it was easier to see the rabbits killed, using the deceased as a food source at a nearby wildlife rehabilitation centre. Meanwhile, Mr. Onischuk reported his application appeal against the Town of Canmore, heard in Calgary last week, went well. He is hoping that the media will one day report what has been hidden from the public rather than suppressing facts or going along with a false message.  

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