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Nature / Human Impact

"Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe - - the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me."  Immanuel Kant

Human activity and an ever-increasing population have already devastated much of our planet.  More and more species are becoming extinct every day.  Gone forever.  We must act now to save a Planet In Peril.

"In essence we're just a conceited naked ape. But in our minds we're some sort of divine legend. We see ourselves as some sort of god. We walk around the earth deciding who will live and who will die and what will be destroyed and what will be saved. But the fact is we're just a bunch of primates out of control."  Paul Watson 

"Animals are, like us, endangered species on an endangered planet, and we are the ones who are endangering them, it, and ourselves. They are innocent sufferers in a hell of our making."
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson & Susan McCarthy
"The disastrous history of our species indicates the futility of all attempts at a diagnosis which do not take into account the possibility that homo sapiens is a victim of one of evolution's countless mistakes." Arthur Koestler, Janus: A Summing Up

An Earth Jurisprudence; exploding human consumption & the devastating effects

Putting The Bite On Planet Earth; human population destroying resources; fighting climate change

The Extinction Crisis; we are solely responsible; WWF: Living Planet Report 2018

The World of 2108 Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Apocalypse Now/Tobias; humanity's cruel & unsustainable practices; Chatham House advice

Silent spring in Tokyo; Crisis Worldwide; new UN climate report: we're doomed

Orangutans slaughtered for palm oil farming; Girl Guide cookie boycott

Biofuel? Stockholm’s rabbits shot, frozen and burned

Appreciating Animals for Their Own Intrinsic Value

Stress takes a toll on animals, we all suffer, we're all connected

Ecosystem at risk - history & changes in the South Okanagan; species at risk; action is critical

Alien Species Eroding Ecosystems and Livelihoods; Canada's habitat; human population destroying planet

Getting humans to live in harmony with wildlife; BC gov't offers 'special hunts'; letters; bighorn sheep population in Similkameen in serious decline; Clinton herd dying from domestic sheep pneumonia 

BC Grizzly Hunt Bolstered by Spurious Science; COs execute family of bears; 2017 BC bans grizzly bear 'trophy' hunting

Human idiocy & selfishness: Shot for a Tulip; deer issues--victory for IDPS; Oak Bay

Hateful human intolerance and action against the innocent; sadistic raccoon cruelty

Animal cruelty intolerable, evil, sinful, and criminal

Moose calf chased and beaten by kids with sticks is put down; morons drive moose to death

Surrey beaver's death sparks outrage; Squamish unbelievably asks 'expert' EBB Environmental Consulting for advice; Gooch weighs in

Bears pay ultimate price of human action while man most dangerous; 'trophy' victims

Meat production has huge impact on environment; HSUS sues pork producers; WWF 2017 meat eaters ruining planet

Cultivating Destruction: The global impact of industrial cruelty; tax meat; vegan signs dominate climate marches 2015 & on

Alarm raised over factory farming in Fraser Valley; typical farm audit questions

Human Population: The elephant in the room; humans extinct in 100 years?

Climate Change: The impact of human activity; 2017-1000s of scientists issue 2nd warning to humanity

Too many people; too many extinctions; Population Matters

Biodiversity: A Tipping Point on Species Loss? Humans are responsible for Earth's destruction

One-of-a-kind jaguar in US euthanized after recapture

Eastern Cottontails at risk of disappearing; L. a. washingtonii

Lower Keys Marsh Rabbits & the Amami Close to Extinction

Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit genetically extinct; the reintroduction efforts

U.S. agrees to consider protections for pikas after lawsuit filed

Human interference on Macquarie Island devastating 

Let it be said that - There are no animal problems, just problems people create for animals.

“If all the insects were to disappear from the Earth, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” Jonas Salk, biologist

Our tortured land: Humankind has already crossed the point of no return in the planetary disaster its behaviour is causing. Because of the overbearing pathological presence it has evolved into, the human race is a failed evolutionary experiment, has become a garbage species, taxonomically and in an obvious behavioural sense. Its mindless, runaway, now unstoppable reproduction has turned it into a toxic fungoidal mass ooozing over the planet destroying everything before it as it spreads.